And when least expected, Ilinca meets Amir, a charming, wealthy and attractive Sheikh who will change her destiny from the very first moment they meet. A new life begins for Amir, one worth fighting for even if it means to stand up to traditions and get over the memory of a past love. The world in which Amir has lived his life is marked by old written and unwritten traditions. In Beled el Noor (a fictional emirate), his homeland, it is accepted that a woman be killed in the name of honour for having disrespected the Islamic law. Marked by honour and love, the couple will write a story of forbidden love: the story of Ilinca and Amir – soulmates separated by a river of traditions, secrets, betrayal and religion.
—MediaPro Pictures

Director: Iura Luncașu
Alex Fotea
Adrian Tapciuc


Seoul International Drama Awards

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