As a trainer, Ioana Picoș gives presentations in high schools on topics of interest to teenagers (addictions, responsibility in personal/intimate life, Bullying, etc.). These were held in high schools all over the country including Bucharest (Caragiale, Jean Monnet, Media Technical College, Grivița Mechanical Technical College, etc.)

Acting courses

The Art of the Actor is the discipline that helps children discover themselves. In this art, they find skills and work in detail with the power to access the courage to say what they feel, the technique of speaking correctly and bluntly, the ability to overcome the fear of public speaking, the coordination of the body with the thoughts. Children enhance their imaginations, learn role play, learn cooperation with peers, spontaneity, work with their own fears and break down preconceived ideas.

Through the methods learned over the years in the pedagogical high school plus the methods perfected within the Faculty of Performing Arts (Theatre), the acting courses made by the actress Ioana Picoș are an ideal combination between play and personal development.

Last modified: August 15, 2023

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